Video Equipment Hire

Stay up-to-date with JPSL video hire.

Video has become a large part of event production with the introduction of plasma displays, projection and LED into set designs.

Whether you are looking for little more than a laptop with a plasma display, or want to go all out with bespoke video displays, JPSL can supply them. The link between video and lighting is now closer than ever, with them complementing each other and working in unison to produce stunning effects.

JPSL offers many projection styles, ranging from desktop data projectors to multi-projector stacked projectors, designed to suit your needs. We can also help with specialist projects such as architectural projection.

Contact us to discuss how you can use video in your event.

See the wide range of work we do at the Orpheus Centre.
IMG_20160702_105200738 (cropped) (edited)
We recently supplied power solutions for COYs Auction.
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See a time-lapse of one of our events at Wembley Arena.

We've invested in even more lighting stock.