Orpheus Event Production

For theatrical shows, we support the Orpheus Centre for both internal and external performances. Working in prestigious venues such as The Royal Opera House's Lindbury Studio, The Yvonne Arnauld Theatre in Guildford and the Rose Theatre in Kingston, we provide complete technical solutions for their shows. This means getting involved at an early stage in the production process to fully realise the student-led design of the show.   


Last summer, The Orpheus Centre came to us with an exciting proposal to help with their summer show, 'They Have Landed', a story-line which looks at Earth's reactions to aliens crash-landing on our planet and wanting to live with us. They wanted to perform the show both within their in-house Barn Theatre, but also around the beautiful grounds of the centre. Meetings were arranged and evaluations of the space allowed us to assess how we could provide lighting, sound and special effects outdoors. We provided wireless battery uplighters, a smoke machine and LeMaitre Flame Paste gel to make the spaceship look like it had just crash landed into the grounds of the centre. Festoon, stage lighting, fluorescent strips and L'Acoustic 8XT speakers were used around the 'Processing tent' and 'Refuge camp' to enhance the feeling of the spaces. More smartbatt wireless uplighters were used in the refuge tents, so that they glowed, giving the feeling that aliens were living within them. A JPSL technician looked after the outside spaces and operated the sound systems discreetly, using wireless iPad controllers. In the Barn Theatre itself, we provided a Qlab Video playback unit, as well as the staff required to operate the installed sound and lighting system.

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We recently supplied power solutions for COYs Auction.
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See a time-lapse of one of our events at Wembley Arena.

We've invested in even more lighting stock.